Motel Girl Mermaid Vibes: Sequin Slip Dress

Motel Sequin Slip Dress

What do flappers and glam rock musicians have in common? If you guessed sequins, then you’d be right. As someone who has a penchant for sequins, I fangirled over the mermaid-esque sequin colors on this Motel sequin slip dress. While sequins are primarily for nightly events or mostly reserved for ’80s prom queens, I’d like to make the case for daytime sequins and discuss how you can add your own modern twist to this trend.

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From Street to Sweat: IDOF X Elastic Band Co.

Looking for some awesome accessories to add to your arm party? Fear not, Elastic Band Co. has got you covered!


If you haven’t heard of Elastic Band Co., then you’re probably missing out on a pretty sweet deal. The company specializes in producing custom hair ties, headbands, wristbands, and ribbons all handmade in the USA. With their customizer tool, they can personalize your order of elastic bands with any color, pattern, text, or graphic. The wristbands are one-size-fits-all, but they can also customize the length and width of the bands depending on your product bundling needs.

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Moda Lisboa: Street Style Tips for Traveling in Lisbon

Custard tarts, salted cod, tapas–I’m definitely not in France anymore. Not only do Lisboetas have major bragging rights for their incredible cuisine, but also for their illustrious architecture, culture, and fashion. (And did I mention David Beckham’s Spring 2016 campaign for H&M was filmed here? Major street cred.) After all, Lisbon is one of the most picturesque and Instagram-worthy places in western Europe (in my humble opinion). So, in today’s post, I will discuss more about how these cultural influences shaped my own moda lisboa (Lisbon fashion), and then suggest some pieces you can use to recreate the looks below!

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