When I was fourteen, I asked my mom to take me to Retropolis, a funky retro clothing store on one of my favorite streets in Houston. This experience marked the beginning of my unchecked (and sometimes unhealthy) habit of hoarding vintage. While this was a temporary phase in my life, it influenced a lot of who I am today and the clothing I choose for my personal style.

Despite my love for vintage and seeking out unique garments, this fact was not known to many people aside from my closest friends. In fact, in my early college years, I would’ve described myself as an undercover fashionista: someone who looks like they just rolled out of bed in sweatpants to attend class, but transforms into a completely different person at any opportunity to dress up (yay for fashion girl alter-egos!).

While fashion can be perceived as something superficial and vacuous, I would like to make the case for how it can be a positive influence in our everyday lives, and a powerful vehicle for self-expression and discovery—hence the name—In D-fens of Fashion. Through showcasing the interesting pieces my wardrobe, I want to celebrate the nuances in fashion, creativity, and individuality, and more importantly, encourage others that they can do the same. At a more granular level, I hope this platform will serve as a helpful resource to share street style ideas and add to the on-going conversation of style trends and inspiration on the World Wide Web.

So if you’re not my mom reading this blog, take some time to browse around, find some #inspo, and go do you!

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