Elvive L’Oréal Paris Color Mask Review

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All smiles today! I’m finally sharing a review of my go-to color conditioning treatment: Elvive by L’Oréal Paris. Before I share the review, I just wanted to fully disclose that I received this L’Oréal Elvive Color Vibrancy Repairand Protect Balm as a complimentary gift, thanks to @Influenster.This color mask is to dye for! The color vibrancy mask literally left me with Mia Thermopolis post-transformation hair goals. Not to mention, it helped me manage my brittle, brassy split ends in the dry, winter months in France.

L’Oréal Elvive Color Vibrancy Repair and Protect Balm

Since hair can become dry and damaged after color treatment, I used this L’Oreal Elvive rinse-out hair mask to repair my unmanageable hair and enhance its color vibrancy. Because there are so many conditioning treatments and haircare products, I find myself in option paralysis trying to compare prices and seek out which one is the best value. It can be exhausting. Even though I’ve never used a hair mask before, I opted to try this one out since I recently had my hair highlighted. While my hair texture is normally very fine and easy to comb through, after adding highlights, my hair texture completely changed. The new color made doing my hair such a chore, especially after blow-drying.

elvive L'Oréal paris reviewElvive L'Oréal ParisThe Solution: Enter Elvive L’Oréal Paris

With this product, not only does my hair look better, it also feels healthier, too. I use this color mask about 2-3 times a week, and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to test it out. It’s transformed and nourished my hair, and the mask itself is pretty lightweight and easy to use. While you might think it’s just me raving about this product, fear not. My French host family members are also huge fans of the Elvive product line. Exhibit A: our entire bathroom shelf.

By this point you’re probably asking yourself, is this one really the best color repair mask? And in my opinion, it’s pretty great. I’m not really sure which one is the absolute “best”, but this one works well. Like I said, this is the first post-color repair mask I’ve used, so I can’t attest for all the others. However, L’Oréal has done a really great job with this one. Since L’Oréal invests a ton in research and development for their products, I tend to trust their products way more than some other name brands.

If you’re interested in learning more about it, I’ve attached the links to the Elvive L’Oréal Paris mask in this post. As always, feel free to ask me whatever questions you have about it! 

elvive l'oréal paris reviewElvive L'Oréal Paris

In D-fens of Fashion X HASK

Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a hair care expert, I’ve tried to learn as much as I can about it (especially before purchasing products). Remember that moment from Lizzie Mcguire when Ethan Craft dishes his hair regimen tips that he “rinses but doesn’t repeat”? While his advice wasn’t super helpful, I hope that this review post will be, so here it goes! I received this collection from HASK for free in exchange for writing a review on the blog. All opinions are my own.

HASK’S New Biotin Boost Thickening Collection

I recently got a balayage ombre done by one of my favorite hair stylists in Austin. I haven’t dyed my hair in a couple of years because it tends to make it pretty dry on the ends and pretty much unmanageable if I don’t have any kind of conditioning spray. Luckily, I had some of these HASK products to help me out. For those of you that aren’t as familiar with HASK, their hair care products are generally used as intensive conditioning treatments to repair and restore chemically treated or damaged hair. At first, I was pretty skeptical, as I’ve bought my fair share of hair products over the years. However, this HASK set perfectly met all my needs.

While I still use a conditioning detangler regardless, adding this HASK collection definitely made my hair much easier to manage and added an extra boost to it, too! Normally, I have very fine, straight hair, so this collection was definitely something I needed to try out for myself. Also, I really appreciated the nice scent.  There’s nothing like hopping out of a shower and feeling so refreshed and well-groomed.

Additionally, it helped give my hair some extra volume with those curls. What exactly gives it that volume you may ask? Well, HASK combined three main ingredients to give your hair that extra bounce: biotin, collagen, and coffee. They added biotin for volume and maintaining healthy hair, coffee for stimulating hair follicles to boost strands, and collagen to help strengthen hair and to prevent hair breakage or damage.

How-To: Apply Steps for Biotin Boost Thickening Collection

  1. Apply biotin boost thickening shampoo to wet hair
  2. Massage and lather into hair
  3. Rinse biotin boost thickening shampoo
  4. Apply biotin boots thickening conditioner
  5. Leave in hair for 1-2 minutes and then rinse thoroughly
  6. Apply biotin boost thickening cream to towel-dry hair just below the roots to ends
  7. Blow dry and voila!

While these steps are very straight forward, I actually had to look up step #6 because I didn’t know the best way of applying the thickening cream. So, I decided to list them all on here just for reference!

More Info, Recommendation, Review Cont’d

While you could use each bottle separately (and not necessarily need the entire kit), HASK recommends using all three for the most optimal results. However, you definitely could just get only what you need! Even though I applied all three for the purpose of this post, I would generally only use the conditioner or thickening cream because I have a prescription shampoo I use to help my scalp. I tried all of the biotin boost thickening collection multiple times, and still received the same results, which was awesome! Although you can use this regimen as much or as little as you’d like, I tried it around three times in one week and had a great overall experience. My hair felt lighter, not greasy, and super soft at the ends (which is where my hair usually is super dry)!

Another attribute I like about this HASK collection is that it’s free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors (aka all of the ingredients that are bad for your hair and make it dry out). They’re also cruelty-free, so they do not test on animals! YASSS. If you want to find out more about this collection, check out other reviews, or purchase this product, it’s all available at ULTA beauty! Thank you again to HASK for sponsoring this post, and feel free to comment any questions you may have about this product or follow HASK on instagram for the latest updates!

In D-fens of Fashion X Luxe Apothetique

Working with local boutiques is probably one of my favorite things about blogging. I’ve admired Luxe Apothetique for a long time, and I’m so excited to share this collaboration with you guys! Luxe Apothetique is based in Austin, Texas with two brick and mortar locations (Domain and Downtown ATX on 2nd Street). They provide a trendy selection of clothes for the modern-day woman as well as novelty gifts and higher-end skin and hair care products. With their fashionable and hip collection, you can find something for everyone!

While some people reading this are not from the Austin area, this local boutique is a perfect stop if you’re looking for something quick for your ATX vacation, or searching for a fun gift for a friend. As for clothes, feel free to keep reading, and peruse for yourself on their website!


This lookbook is called Falling for Prints, and demonstrates the different ways in which you can pair patterns together this fall. The looks have a bit of a modern French flair to them, featuring garments with classic polka dots and an electric blue beret, a staple Parisian chic accoutrement. Keep scrolling down to find out more about each ensemble and the Luxe Apothetique curated lookbook below!


This Luxe Apothetique checkered print dress was one of my top picks. I decided to pair mine with a classic gray cabbie hat and Sam Edelman Chelsea boots. The dress was super breezy, comfortable, and came with adjustable straps! While some people opt for longer dresses for fall, I liked how I could still sport this dress with semi-opaque tights and it still looks just as cute! One of my other favorite attributes included the A-line flare bottom. Combined with the feminine silhouette, soft pattern, and navy blue color, this sleeveless dress offers a great versatile style for all your fall adventures!

While I donned this ensemble with more casual accessories, you could recreate this look in a variety of ways. If you’re searching for an edgier outfit, consider pairing this dress with Dr. Martens or buckled booties and a choker. For a more feminine, tailored look, seek out some nude or black heels and add a classic statement necklace. Whatever you decide for your personal style, this dress will give you one less thing to check off your shopping list.

luxe apothetique


This starry silk top seriously gave me life. It had a really sneaky tie around (going through the backside of the shirt, so cool!) and a nice, soft texture to it. It dipped a bit lower in the front than I expected, but I layered a Brandy Melville black bandeau underneath it. Problem solved! I also considered wearing it with a cami. However, seeing as we were shooting outside in 100 degree Texas weather, I immediately vetoed that idea. If you’re wearing it in fall weather though, that would definitely be a viable option.

Although I chose to wear this starry silk top with a black mini button-down Brandy Melville skirt, I mainly decided to do that based on the heat. If I reinvented this outfit for a chiller day, I would recommend sliding into your fave pair of high-waisted jeans and donning your classic boots to add to this effortlessly cool top. Whether you’re going out to a Bleachers concert, headed out to Barbarella for a night on sixth, or trying out up-and-coming restaurants on Rainey, this frilly top will be your best partner-in-crime.

luxe apothetique


Last but not least is the polka-dotted ruffle dress. Polka dots are probably one of the most coveted designs for all street style lovers. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself, but I’ve seen a lot of polka dots in the lookbook community too. I picked out this polka-dotted dress because I thought it was wonderfully refreshing and delightfully gamine. Not to mention, the frills and ruffles on it make it that much more fun and unique.

I matched my dress with black, rose gold-heeled Jeffrey Campbells. However, you could definitely go full-on 1950’s Parisian in this by donning a traditional beret, heels, and cat-eye sunglasses. And don’t let anyone try to polka fun at you for wearing polka dots, they’re super rad and timeless!

luxe apothetique luxe apothetique


All in all, I loved the challenge of putting these patterns together and seeking out interesting and eclectic pieces at Luxe Apothetique. There was so much to choose from, and it was so hard for me to narrow it down! If you want to see how I editorially arranged these outfits, check out the lookbook below! And if you have any questions about them, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Thanks again to Luxe Apothetique for this collaboration, and I can’t wait for my next haul over there!

In D-fens of Fashion X Blue Elephant Boutique

Blue Elephant, founded in 2005 by two Austin locals, is a trendy boutique based in Texas.  It’s an eclectic one-stop shop where you can find products such as: Texas memorabilia and souvenirs, gifts, candles, cards, make-up, body lotions, purses,  jewelry, wallets,and affordable, upscale clothing.  I’ve received some of my fave gifts from Blue Elephant (the Voluska candles are ah-ma-zing, btw), and I’m so happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with this beloved Austin gem this summer. I chose SoCo for the editorial shooting spot because it’s one of Austin’s most iconic destinations and encapsulates the city’s vibrant, vintage vibe. We took pictures of the pieces I’m currently loving below, so keep reading to see the curated list of picks and lookbook (with photography by Hannah Laamoumi)!


This Moonriver jumpsuit is giving me life right now. For real.  I absolutely loved strolling around the street in this wide leg, seventies-inspired jumpsuit, and the navy and yellow gingham style pattern added a nice whimsical touch to the overall ensemble. The tie-up straps are super fun detail and very practical when it comes to adjusting the length for your height. Since the hem hits right above the ankle on me, I decided to pair the jumpsuit with my wedges.

blue elephant blue elephant blue elephant

While normally I would consider this “flooding”, I actually liked the way the outfit came together with the flowy wide leg fit. However, if you want to dress this outfit down, consider sporting the jumpsuit with some lower heeled platform sandals. I didn’t have any to pair mine with at the time, but that would’ve been my next go-to footwear option. As for the accessories, I decided to style this look with white, retro-inspired sunglasses. Tbh I purchased them at Flying Tiger in Spain for 2 euros, and I’m still pretty obsessed with them (as you’ll see, I have them on in the next outfits as well). Last but not least, I paired all my outfits with a more neutral gray, tassel-knotted purse from Blue Elephant. I liked the boho chic, suede style of the bag, and thought that it would match well with all the pieces I picked out!


For look #2, I went full-on Canadian tux (technically chambray isn’t denim but w/e) with this Blue Elephant chambray shift dress and Primark hat. While I know how simple this chambray dress looks, I am totally digging it. It’s the perfect staple piece to throw on whether you want to go to Blues on the Green or a casual brunch on Rainey. Generally, I prefer more plain garments because it makes them that much more versatile (just look in my closet–Breton stripes and turtlenecks all the way). Also, this dress was so comfortable–the material, the fit, everything. I also liked the small buttons on the straps and thought that added some character to the dress as well.
blue elephant

I decided to dress mine down a bit by sporting a chambray hat, choker and rose gold Jeffrey Campbell boots. While this dress is suited for more casual events, you can style it with a few different pieces. If I hadn’t decided to wear these Jeffrey Campbell’s, I would’ve slipped into my Dr. Martens boots or River Island sandals. For this weather though, I’d recommend the sandals. Docs don’t feel so great in 100 degree weather, trust me, I speak from experience. As for the Jeffrey Campbell’s, they have breathable slits on the sides of the boots. So, they’re not as uncomfortable to wear in this heat. While choosing shoes to pair with an outfit is always a challenge, picking out this dress was the easiest decision I made.


If you’re looking for your next #OOTD, then this Blue Elephant romper is for you. As you can probably already tell from this post, I am a huge fan of the one-piece silhouette. It’s one of the most practical pieces (except for when you have to go to the bathroom) and most comfortable.
One of my favorite details about this romper is the wrap waist-tie bodice. I really appreciated the overall construction of the garment because it was such a refreshing design. While the neckline was a bit lower than I expected (the struggle when all clothes look different on a hanger–le sigh), I decided to don my Brandy Melville bralette and that solved that! Even though I wore one with mine, it would still look good without one. I just wanted to add some more dimension to the garment since it’s such a versatile piece.


For this last look, I picked out a youthful, boho chic Roxy romper. The fabric was so soft and had a decorative, playful pattern. However, my absolute favorite part were the crochet and bell sleeve details. You can see all the not-so-subtle seventies vibes coming out in this lookbook.

Aside from that, this romper was a great garment to wear because it had…wait for it..adjustable straps. Need I say more? Literally you have no idea how much time I spend searching for these kinds of straps, it’s ridiculous. It makes life so much easier and sometimes we take this convenience for granted. But honestly, adjustable straps are the **Dutchman’s treasure** (see reference: Spongebob) of flattering attire. So, thank you, Blue Elephant, for carrying this thoughtful design.


And there you have it! To recap, Blue Elephant has a fashion-oriented mélange of the chicest products at reasonable prices. From more independent brands like Moon River to the well-established like Marc Jacobs, they’ve got something for every gal. As promised, below you’ll find a carefully curated lookbook featuring all of the Blue Elephant garments in this post. Given the store’s unique offerings and Austin influence, I’ve added in some pictures and references paying homage to the Texas capital.

I hope you enjoy this lookbook, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the garments! And a big thanks again to Blue Elephant for their incredible hospitality and help with this collaboration.

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