No Chill on Frills: Striped Ruffle Dress

Hello blogosphere! It’s been a sec. Hurricane Harvey recovery has kept me super busy and distracted from the regular blog editorial calendar. However, I find a lot of solace and fulfillment in blogging, so I wanted to jump back into it while I found the time. Today on the blog, I’m featuring one of my favorite dresses. This off-the-shoulder striped ruffle dress is my go-to pick in my wardrobe. There are still a few left on ASOS, so grab them before their gone (linked it here)! For those of you in Texas, this dress will be a year-round staple.

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Red, White, and Denim : 4th of July Inspiration

As you guys know, this upcoming weekend is 4th of July weekend. While there’s a fine line between being festive and cheesy, I’ll still be sporting my festive Americana gear and overalls. In my experience, I’ve found that denim is perfect for this holiday weekend. First, it’s super versatile. Secondly, it has sentimental value and traditional roots in American culture (hello, Levis jeans!).

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Summer Style: The Molly Bracken Jumpsuit

Molly Bracken Jumpsuit

As summer wedding season has officially started, one of the biggest trends I’ve noticed is women wearing jumpsuits. Can I just say right now that I’m totally into this?!! It’s such a refreshing shift from the the cocktail dress flouncy and feminine silhouette (but honestly there is nothing wrong with that either!).  As you guys know, dresses are super comfortable for those hot, sweltering summer days (Texas, y’all). However, I love the jumpsuit for probably the most practical reason: it cannot ever fly up with the wind.  While wardrobe malfunctions happen all the time, the jumpsuit is pretty much the most functional garment I have in my wardrobe and the most versatile to pair with heels or flat sandals.

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Got the Blues: Decorated Denim

Patches, a trend sewn into the fabric of our  fashion history, are officially back. From army uniforms, punk counter-culture, and Girl Scout vests, these pieces are timeless. Nowadays, you can catch this trend decorated on any piece of denim: cut-offs, jeans, jackets, you name it. As a huge fan of this sartorially savvy trend, I’ve gotten several different pieces of decorated denim. One of my favorites are these youthful and fun denim shorts. While you can find decorated denim pretty much anywhere these days, it’s more important that you find the product that work best for you and your personal style.

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Summer Style: Romeo + Juliet Couture Maxi Dress

Have you ever found yourself getting a last minute call for a nice dinner or event? (Yes, that should be everyone).  I’ve had my fair share of moments like these, all the while frantically scrambling for something to wear.

Enter: the maxi dress.

My sister was the one who originally introduced me to maxi dresses. I was always a bit skeptical that they wouldn’t fit me because 1) nothing ever reaches my ankles #tallgirlprobz and 2) I thought they wouldn’t have enough lining underneath. While this issue does happen, I can say that this dress passes the test. Even though it’s white, it has two layers of lining underneath, so nothing shows through. Now, I wear this dress all the time. Seriously, ask any of my closest friends.  So, in short, what I’m trying to say is: maxi dresses are a great investment piece that require minimal effort with maximum style.

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