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Leighelena has so much more to offer than just your typical accessories. It’s an entire shopping experience (especially the flagship SoCo location). Aside from the funky vintage and boho chic décor, Leighelena provides an eclectic line of accessories and leather goods including bracelets, necklaces, cuffs, earrings, belts, belt buckles, and cowboy boots. They also have some super fun and quirky knickknacks like Texas themed t-shirts, hats, cheeky cards, key chains, pins, candles, water bottles and magnets. It’s one of Texas’ most charming boutiques, and definitely worth checking out if you’re new to the Lone Star State.


Leighelena started with Texas native Leigh Navarro in 2005. The store name is a combination of her first and middle name, Leigh Elena. From a young age, she always had a proclivity for designing handcrafted jewelry. While most children sold lemonade at their lemonade stands, she opted to sell jewelry and bracelets instead.

After several trips to handcrafted art fairs and experience learning the enameling and fusing processes, Leigh (then an elementary school student) started making jewelry with her mother, Susan, an enamelist herself. This daughter-mother collaboration continues to this day. Her mother helps her create the signature Leighelena accessories, specializing in leather and exotic skins.

Leighelena products are now sold in over 600 retailers across the US and abroad. So, for those of you outside of Texas, fear not. Leighelena has an online shop including many of the accessories found in the Texas stores, just in case you want to get something shipped to you! Also, you can join the mailing list and get 15% off your first order.


I went to the flagship Leighelena boutique on South Congress. While the unique and affordable accessories are reason enough to visit the store, the décor in the boutique is definitely instagram-worthy  (talking to you, Austin tourists). I really loved how the storefront reflected Leighelena’s western flair and Austin’s vibrant cultural influence in the store design itself. It’s worth checking out if you have some time on SoCo. I mean, have you seen that boot wall?!  I’ve featured some of the pictures I took in the store below (and of course I got some stares, but you know how it is #gottadoitfortheblog).

I told Daniela, the store manager, about what I was looking for and she helped me pick out the perfect pieces. I was so overwhelmed by the variety of accessory designs. They have everything, y’all.

One of their best sellers is the wide jigsaw cuff (as pictured below). They have these in many colors and skins (i.e. leather, python, crocodile, alligator… you get the idea). The one featured in the images below is the wide whipsnake jigsaw cuff, and I loved wearing it around Austin. The narrow enamel cuff bracelet was also one of my favorites, especially because of the rich color combination. It’s a great statement piece for pairing with a casual denim ensemble or sundress.

Photographed below: the wide whipsnake jigsaw cuff, double t-bar bracelet, and narrow enamel cuff


What most people don’t know is that you can customize the buckle (in gold, distressed silver, gunmetal, and rosegold) of the bracelets and cuffs. You can also receive custom sizing and fitting for them at the Leighelena store. For instance, for the double t-bar bracelet, I preferred the gunmetal color versus the distressed silver buckle. Daniela easily removed it to add on the new one (pictured below: Daniela adding on the new buckle). The hardware in the Leighelena line is a proprietary design, which make the pieces even more interesting in terms of their structural style and chic aesthetic.

Photographed below: Daniela adding on t-bar for closure of the bracelet


After ogling over all the gorgeous jewelry, I couldn’t help seeking out the other interesting items they carried in the store. (Pictured below)leighelena

I’ve also included a picture of the latest addition to the Leighelena accessories line called “The Navarro Collection”. The display below features one of the newest designs, too!

leighelena leighelena

Since Leighelena has so much to offer, I decided to organize a mini Leighelena Shopping Guide below. The guide features some of my fave picks as well as how to style them with different outfits. If you like a product, just click on the image in the PDF to see where to find it!

For more about Leighelena, check out their latest news and updates by following their social media accounts!

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Lastly, I’d like to give a big thank you to Leighelena for their collaboration on this post! They were so welcoming and helpful throughout this entire process. Everyone at the store was extremely knowledgeable about all the products, and helped to provide a lot of the information featured here. So, thank you Leighelena team!

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