December Moodboard 2017

Bonjour ! I finally finished my december moodboard. While I love making digital collages, they literally take me forever. Personally, I like to visualize every single composition option. Then, after looking at all of them, I’ll make a decision. In this blog post, just to illustrate this process, I’ve featured all the iterations I made. They’re not perfect, but if anyone was curious about the other potential moodboards, here they are. december moodboard

Since I was going for a festive,French-inspired theme, I combined some holiday decor with French typography. I also tried to seek out different textures, patterns and colors to add more dimension to the collage. Normally, I find a lot of inspiration for these moodboards on Pinterest or Instagram. Some of my favorite places to start looking for ideas are instagram accounts like,, madbutt, subliming.jpg, heycuteshirt, tfeigh, NastyGal, and girlgazeproject. They curate the coolest stuff.
december moodboard

After finding a few images I like, I spend a couple hours placing them on the Photoshop canvas to see how they could all cohesively fit together. Then, I’ll play around with the composition and make minute changes to certain elements. For instance, below I changed the color of the glitter from silver to gold. Or, I’ll change the placement of something else to decide what looks more visually balanced. While these collages are always a work in progress and time-consuming, I love to make them! So, if you have any questions or want one for yourself, feel free to send me a message! I don’t charge for these things, it’s a labour of love. Really. Happy Thursday everybody, and enjoy scrolling through the rest below! P.S. Which one is your favourite?december moodboard

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