Street Style: All Eyes on Eyelet and Lace Dresses

While I love a chic, patterned dress, the problem (for me anyway) is that I don’t want to wear an eyelet one and look like a tea-time tablecloth. Usually, (and as I’ve probably mentioned a couple times now) a lot of dresses are wayyy too short on me. However, to top it all off with a lace and eyelet pattern, these dresses in particular can make me look like I’m a walking cupcake. Since I’ve been trying to avoid that conundrum for pretty much my entire life, I’ve dished out some tips for those of you who know this struggle all too well. From the dress length to how you style your eyelet ensemble, keep reading below to find out what I’ve learned!


While I wouldn’t consider my style super romantic in nature, this apparel is probably as close as it gets. For this outfit, I paired this BCBG eyelet/lace dress with my Ann Taylor suede nude heels, and an edgier pair of retro sunglasses. I probably could’ve added way more color to this ensemble, which is one of my recommendations for when you want to style your own eyelet pieces! Adding a pop of color can change an entire outfit, and add some more personality and interesting details.

If you’re searching for a less feminine vibe, consider pairing it with some leather style buckle boots and statement frames or jewelry. Or, as another option, you could make it a little less “precious” by adding some hip, vintage accoutrements and funky ankle boots to create more of an experimental, quirky look.

I’ve had this dress for a few years now (tbh it’s my go-to brunch dress), and it’s my own goal to continue pushing those boundaries and to explore what other pieces I could consider pairing this with in the future. While I’ve worn it mostly with these heels and my flat sandals, I’m looking forward to challenging myself to try out a different style (like the ones suggested above).
eyelet lace dresses eyelet, lace dresses


As far as length goes, if you don’t want the cupcake look I described above (guys it’s so real I swear), then consider either 1) seeking out dresses with at least 34-35″ in length (tall gals!) or find pieces that drop slightly lower at the waist so it doesn’t flair in the wrong places. “A sublte flounce” or “A-line” silhouette in the product description is always a good sign. While I would recommend these tips for really any dress, it can be especially important for eyelet and lace dresses. Given the inherent nature of the fabric and our associations with it being “sweet” or “cute”, it’s important to keep the silhouette in mind so it distinguishes your look as super chic rather than slightly juvenile. I speak from experience, and I just want you more fab in your dress than I did in mine back in the day!


Luckily, BCBG is one of those brands that carries items that (for the most part) are flattering on tall figures. Sadly, they’re going bankrupt (ugh sad tearz), but there are plenty of other brands that carry similar eyelet styles for a decent price! I’ve listed some of my favorite picks below. And as a final tip, particularly if you’re ordering online, see if someone has already posted the dress (that you want) on Instagram. If you  do find someone, tell them that you’re thinking of purchasing the same one and ask what size it is. It will save you a trip to the post office and post purchase disappointment when it doesn’t fit, I promise. I’ve definitely DMed people about this before, and most influencers/ bloggers are very happy to help! So don’t be shy 🙂

As always, feel free to let me know if you have any questions, comments, or advice on this topic! If you did read this far, thank you for your support and readership!

eyelet lace dresses

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