Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

While I’m sure everyone has already brushed up on their favorite halloween costumes, I just thought I’d give a few more ideas. I’ll also link up the info to purchase these items! Of course, my personal favorite halloween costume is the Addams Family kween, Wednesday Addams (Morticia is a close second, though).  I brought my Wednesday Addams costume with me to France. However, some close favorites include Frida Kahlo (one of my fave college costumes) and Ziggy Stardust.

halloween costumeWEDNESDAY ADDAMS

For this Wednesday Addams macabre ensemble, there aren’t too many things that you’ll need. The peter pan collar dress is probably the most notable part of the  gothic chic outfit. It’s paired with black chelsea boots, but any black shoes will do the trick! You could also try adding in a fun velvet accessory like the cat purse above! And last but not least, remember the pigtail braids and you’ll be good to go!


Above are some classic staples for a Frida-inspired outfit. The floral garland headband accented with metallic accoutrements will add a lot of pizzazz to your colorful costume. For comfort, I’d consider wearing the sandals above. While everyone from the likes of Beyonce to instafamous fashion bloggers have donned the Frida Kahlo look, it’s absolutely timeless and admired by all artist lovers.

halloween costume


Channel your inner David Bowie with this Ziggy Stardust number. While this mood board is meant more for inspiration (this is my ideal costune tbh), it’s a simple roadmap for how to create your own Ziggy Stardust halloween costume. Especially if you’re a bit under pressure, this outfit is for you! Grab your fave pair of hot pants, a funky bodysuit and a show stopping blazer. And let’s not forget the polished, metallic ankle boots. The more glitter and sparkles, the more c-c-c-changes you’ll see when you suit up in this glam get-up.

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