Summer Inspiration: July Moodboard

Hi July! I’ve been back in Texas for about a month now, which has had a large influence on this western-inspired July moodboard. While moodboards can be a helpful for a variety of different things (design collections, photoshoots, art direction), for me, it helps me organize my thoughts and aesthetic for the blog In D-fens of Fashion. I discuss more about why I started doing these monthly moodboards here. Even though these might look easy, I made at least ten iterations of this (nudging photos back and forth) and tried to figure out what would be the most visually appealing for a more urban, street style following.


Despite spending hours on them, creating moodboards is probably one of my favorite parts about having a blog. It’s so fulfilling to be able to take totally unrelated ideas  and create something completely new and cohesive. I’ve always loved that about creating, which is what makes blogging and meeting other bloggers so fun.

Like I said, I absolutely love making them, so if you or any of your friends wants one feel free to let me know! Or if you’d like to see the process of how I make them I can def do a tutorial blog post on that as well!

Let me know your thoughts and keep creating! Happy Sunday! 🙂


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