Marc Jacobs Glambition Eyeconic Palette

Before I start raving about this ah-maz-ing eyeshadow palette, I just wanted to fully disclose that I received this  Marc Jacobs Glambition Eyeconic Palette @MarcBeauty as a complimentary gift, thanks to @Influenster. And tbh I’m so glad I did.marc jacobs glambition eyeconic palette

Let me just start by saying I’m not a huge make-up person. What I mean is, I do wear make-up, but  I don’t really do the research. Whatever my sister or my mom buys, I buy by default. They always pick out hypoallergenic products. So, if it works for them, I assume it generally works for me.

I’ve had a bit of an aversion searching for make-up because I’m a little overwhelmed by interweb galaxy of beauty products. Questions I ask myself include: ok, but how do you really know which one actually works? Does it just look that way because a professional did it? Is it the lighting?  Is it cruelty free? And the list goes on…

However, I am so so glad, I had the opportunity to try out this Marc Jacobs Eyeconic eyeshadow line featured in #TheDressedEye campaign and #contest. If Influenster hadn’t reached out to me about this palette, I feel like I would really be missing out on staple make-up product.

marc jacobs glambition eyeconic paletteMARC JACOBS GLAMBITION EYECONIC PALETTE

The glambition palette has seven colors. The color names actually make a short poem, and they’re called:

  1. She was
  2. infamous,
  3. known for
  4. seeking
  5. the most
  6. over the top
  7. glamour

Talk about glambition, right? I particularly liked this Glambition palette because it included very natural, subtle hues. It echoes a similar look of the Haim sisters’ dreamy, minimalist make-up style pictured below. The orange and coral shades really brightened up my eyes, but these eyeconic palettes comes in many shades to suit and complement whatever eye color you have!

When I tried it out for the first time, I started off by applying a simple primer (L’Oreal) and then brushed on the Marc Jacobs “known for” color (third from the left). I loved the silky, light texture of the eyeshadow right away. And after three hours (when I came back home from an event), I checked the eyeshadow in the mirror and it hadn’t faded at all. Winner! If you’re not totally sold on this eyeshadow, check out the list of pros and cons below.

(Photo courtesy of SPIN Magazine)


  1. Free of sulfates, parabens, and phthalates (aka weird/ bad substances put in a lot of make-up products)
  2. Hypoallergenic! (you can find out more about this from the FAQ’s on their website)
  3. Great pigmentation and color palette
  4. Minimalist (glambition is anyway, can’t speak for the other eyeconic shades!)
  5. Great reviews online (for real, people are raving about this eyeshadow palette, as am I!) I actually had one friend DM me on Instagram talking about how much she loved it, too!
  6. Cruelty-Free
  7. Adele wears it (her make-up artist looooves this stuff, confirmed via Refinery 29)
  8. Need I say more? Adele wears it!! And Adele is queen.


One thing to remember is that the Eyeconic palette doesn’t come with a brush like some other  brands (i.e. Urban Decay). However, I already had a few brushes lying around so this was a non-issue for me (but just something to keep in mind!). Other than that, I really didn’t notice or experience any cons. The mirror could be a bit bigger, but I’m also a fan of the smaller sized kit (trade-offs, y’all).


Overall, I would give this Marc Jacobs Glambition Eyeconic Palette a 9.5/10. Like I said, I loved the velvety texture, the bare-to-bronze shades, and truly enjoyed wearing this eyeshadow (which is probably the most important factor). Given that the Marc Jacobs Beauty line is cruelty free and hypoallergenic, it makes me feel a lot better about the product I’m using and more comfortable with the substances I’m putting on my eyes. Finally, I’m recommending it to all my friends, which is probably the biggest indication that I loved it. If you have any questions at all about this palette, feel free to leave a comment below! If not, I hope this review helped in your beauty product research!

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