Red, White, and Denim : 4th of July Inspiration

As you guys know, this upcoming weekend is 4th of July weekend. While there’s a fine line between being festive and cheesy, I’ll still be sporting my festive Americana gear and overalls. In my experience, I’ve found that denim is perfect for this holiday weekend. First, it’s super versatile. Secondly, it has sentimental value and traditional roots in American culture (hello, Levis jeans!).

denim denim


While denim is a great staple to have, you could also consider wearing a patterned romper or striped dress to mix things up as well! As for swimsuits, there is a Taylor Swift-esque one piece that I found on ASOS here (this one might sell out soon, but this one is a great alternative). As for accessories, I’ve really been digging these white 90s-inspired sunglasses that could definitely add some extra flair to your overall ensemble! But without further ado, I’ve rounded up some of my fave Americana pieces for you below, Lana Del Rey approved.



ASOS Graphic T-shirt | ASOS Overalls |

Converse | Urban Outfitters Sunglasses

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