New Year Gift Guide 2018: Tea and Beauty Products


Happy 2018! With the busy holiday season over, we can all finally relax and spend a bit more time focusing on ourselves. Following the theme of practicing self-care and #treatingyourself, I’ve listed some of my favorite beauty and tea products below in this new year gift guide 2018.

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For those of you that have not tried to use micellar water on your face after a long shower, try it! Because the water in France is harsher on my skin, I have to use micellar water (or “soft” water) to hydrate my face on a daily basis or else I will break out and peel. While I won’t get into all the benefits of micellar water in this post, I’d highly recommend it even if you’re not living in Europe. It’s a really great way for people with sensitive skin to stay hydrated and to clean skin with minimal effort!


Kusmi has probably been one of my best purchases this year. I have the “Euphoria” flavor, which is a caffeinated chocolate-orange blend. However, they have a ton of different options you can try. Not to mention, the packaging is so darn cute!

While I wrote this post mainly to focus on the products mentioned above, I’ve also added in some photos from one of my favorite shoots in 2017. The Passage Pommeraye in Nantes is one of the most festive places to go during Christmas time, so I wanted to share these images to celebrate the last day of the holiday season on the blog.

Happy New Year everyone!

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