Passion Project: The YGG Project Launch and Lookbook

As you guys may or may not have read, I’ve been working on The YGG Project with my creative partner, Tiffany. She is one of the most extraordinary humans I’ve ever met, and the reason why I got involved with this project. For a recap on the story behind why we created YGG, check it out here.

YGG Project LaunchYGG Project Launch YGG Project Launch


After working on YGG this past year, we’ve finally placed it out to the world! Last Wednesday, we released our first collection, but I’ve been catching up a bit in sharing the news with everyone! We’ve already sold our first item, the pleated “Don’t Touch Me” skirt, but there’s much more to browse through on our etsy store. Our official lookbook images showcasing the pieces are dispersed throughout this post.

The YGG Project launch was a huge accomplishment for us this summer. While most people don’t know exactly what went into this, we tried to organize everything down to the last detail. From envisioning a cohesive product line, searching for patches, sourcing the clothes, developing a brand image, creating content for instagram and facebook, establishing an etsy shop, monitoring social media, envisioning the lookbook, and styling outfits together for the shoot, I’m so lucky I was able to participate in this project with such a supportive, creative, and hardworking friend. Tbh it wouldn’t have been possible without her, and she deserves way more credit than she gets sometimes (thanks Tiffany!).

Also, special shout out to Ernest for the photography and Gabby and Linda for being boss babe models. We couldn’t have done this without them, so thank you guys!

To find out more about The YGG Project, follow us on insta @theyggproject for exclusive editorial content and giveaway opportunities.



Sourced from vintage stores around London, our reworked pieces with fierce #grlpwr messages are now available online! We strongly believe that fashion is a form of self-expression capable of contributing to important public discourse. Focusing on issues near and dear to us, The YGG Project aims to empower women and encourage sustainable fashion practices. All profits from this collection will be donated to Planned Parenthood.

Photographer: Ernest Chan
Models: Linda Gomez & Gabby Tan

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